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who do i contact to repair water damage in south florida

It may seem pretty self-explanatory – water causes water damage in homes. But, when you have an inspector come to analyze water damage in South Florida, there’s a little bit more that goes into it than the obvious.

Water damage – especially in Florida – comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are some basics you should know in the event you get caught with an unwanted indoor pool:

what causes water damage in south florida

What Are Some Common Water Damage Causes?

Some causes of water damage are fairly obvious. In South Florida, heavy rains are a common root. But, bursting and leaking pipes can also cause flooding. Not to mention, household appliances are no strangers to malfunctions. Dishwashers and washing machines, along with heating, ventilating and air conditioning units can have issues that lead to water damage.

How Does an Inspector Analyze an Affected Area?

There’s more to determining the extent of water damage than simply noting that there is standing water in an unwanted area. To being, an inspector will need to identify what type of water is in the affected area. Is it a liquid from a sanitary area or not? This will help determine how dangerous the actual liquid is. The class of destruction is then identified as well.

What Are My Repair Options?

Water mitigation after water damage in South Florida is the process of cleaning that works to prevent damage water can inflict on a home. This includes addressing the physical problem, even on a microbial level. This means that the area will be treated to prevent the growth of fungi, mold and other harmful possibilities. After mitigation, a dehumidification and climate control process dries the area. This helps restore your home back to – or as close to – its original state.

Want to learn how we can repair water damage in South Florida?

Restore Force dedicates itself to assisting those with troubling water damage in South Florida. Contact us today to learn how our mitigation services can help repair your home and get you on your way to making great memories!

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